Polaroid Camera Hire for Weddings – 10 Creative Ways to use them!

There is a big surge in couples using instax mini cameras at their weddings over the last year or so, since they offer a fun and nostalgic way to capture guests enjoying themselves at the event. The images can be used in a variety of ways as we have shown below.

Polaroid Camera Hire with Guestbook

If you are looking for something unique at your wedding, why not create a gorgeous film box to use on your big day and cherish the moments forever.  Setting up a photo guest book like this offers so much more than the traditional offering of just words in a book, set out a few Instax Mini Cameras on the table and ask your guests to snap a picture, sign it and add it your wedding guest book! Depending on the amount of guests you have you may get away with one camera on a side table, be sure you have enough film though! All in this could cost you less than £100!

Polaroid Camera Hire

Seating Chart

This is one of my favorites in getting creative with your seating plan. Super easy to do and you can coordinate with your event team or a member of the wedding party to help. Simply snap a picture of each guest as they arrive and display the pictures next to their seating assignment! Such a fun visual display for your guests.

Instant Print Camera Ideas

Wedding Seating Chart

Wedding Seating Chart

Cake topper

Take a picture of you and your fiancé either before the ceremony or right after and you can place it on top of your cake for a perfect cake topper!

Cake Topper Photo

Instant Photobooth with Props

The classic photo booth with props is a sure winner at any wedding! By using the instant print cameras and your own props you’ve got yourself a budget friendly photo booth.

Collect Them!

You and your wedding party can’t be everywhere at every minute of snapping photos of everyone, and its not the job of the photographer! By setting out multiple instant cameras around the venue or preferably your wedding tables you are allowing your guests to capture fun and festive images you will get to see later. You should encourage your guests to help capture your day by asking them to take some pictures and then place them in a dedicated spot such as a postbox.

Kids Fun

If your wedding will be allowing children to attend then why not make there experience super fun? Same principle here with the section above, set out multiple instant cameras on the kids’ table along with a few craft supplies. Your tiny guests will have the best time snapping pictures and then dressing them up.

Rehearsal Dinner Snaps

Allow your wedding guests a look at your rehearsal dinner by displaying images from the night before the wedding.

Instant Print Camera Ideas

The Ultimate Selfie Fun

Allow your guests to snap some selfies as they enter your wedding, relax at cocktail hour or dance the night away. These images will be fun to look at for years to come.


Create unique wedding invitations using pictures of you and your loved one. Capture some shots with the polaroid camera these could be from special days out, holidays or just fun selfies.


Making centerpieces unique and personal at weddings is always something a couple would like to achieve. When you add in some fun personal photos to your centerpiece you have an instant or should we say Instax wedding winner!

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