How to set up a polaroid guest book at your wedding

Looking for some advice on how you setup an polaroid guest book station?

I’ve thrown together a quick blog post with some hints and tips on how you go about setting one up!

The Camera’s

Polaroid cameras give you instant satisfaction and nostalgia – it’s hard to ignore and strangely addictive. The quality of the pictures may not be up to par with a digital camera or some of the latest smartphones but that’s besides the point. For sheer fun, capturing that special moment and watching it develop is hard to beat. There’s two main players in the industry at the moment and that’s fujifilm and The Impossible Project.

There’s a few a things to be aware of with the instant cameras. The size of prints will differ depending on the type of film the camera takes. Fujifilm sells three formats: the credit-card-sized Instax Mini (54mm x 86mm), the larger Instax Square (86mm x 72mm) and the Instax Wide (108mm x 86mm), which is closest in size to the original Polaroid format.

Be careful with people selling the fujifilm instax film online as there are several counterfeit sellers selling under par products. Purchase from Amazon so you know you have a reputable seller.

The Impossible Project also has special film adapted for the Original Polaroid OneStep2 camera called i-type and it comes in an array of options for the framing such as rose gold, monochrome, black & white and colour.

The film is relatively expensive, costing from about 75p per shot for the instax mini, up to more than £2 each for the Impossible Project’s i-type film

Our favorites are the Instax Mini 9 and the Original Polaroid OneStep2

Instax Mini 9

The Instax Mini range are great and come in a variety of colours, the instant print film comes in at roughly £12.99 (from Amazon) for 20 shots and comes in colour or black and white.

Original Polaroid OneStep2


The Original Polaroid OneSetep2 comes from The Impossible Project who bought the patents from Polaroid and started reproducing the iconic Polaroid style cameras and films. We love this camera here at Original Photo as the quality and size of the film is much better than the Instax, it also brings back a sense of history when using it.

The downside to the quality and nostalgia is the cost of the camera and the film, with 8 shots coming in at an expensive £15 but they do look amazing!


The Guest Book

For starters, here’s how a polaroid guest book works: instead of just a signature, guests snap a photo of themselves using an instant photo camera and then place their photos inside a book of choice. A sharpie pen can be provided so they can write a sweet message in or their signature along with the photo. After the wedding, you’ll have a complete photo guest book with memories and well wishes you can cherish for years to come.

You’ll want a simple table that’s reserved just for the polaroid guest book, camera(s), film, sharpie pen, and scotch tape (if your guest book needs it). Make sure it’s in a location that is well lit, offers a backdrop or some scenery (for guests to stand in front of). If you want to spruce up the photos and have a bit more fun, why not add some photo booth type props!

One of the biggest problems with polaroid guest books is guests either miss the table completely (if it’s not well-positioned in a high traffic area, like the entrance or near the bar) or they don’t understand what to do. So why not print and frame a designated sign so guests won’t miss the guest book area and include a laminated sheet of handy instructions on how to use and replace the film.

You can purchase guest books with ready made slots to place the prints into but we prefer the original look either by sticking them down with double sided tape or using scotch tape to secure the edges!

Polaroid Guest Book

Image Source

Polaroid Guest Book

For ideas on how to use the prints once you’ve collected them off the tables or station check out this blog post here highlighting a few good examples.

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